Email Drip Campaigns

Every new communication app claims to be the "email killer". However, until this day, email is one of the most effective communication tools that people check average 8 times per day.

Introduce Titan Email Dripping Strategy. The primary goal of an email drip marketing campaign is to attract the right subscribers. Send subscribers highly relevant emails that encourage them to commit to your call to action at specific times.

What makes drip campaigns creative compared to other types of email marketing tactic is they combine the ability to build your list while sending them emails that they signed up for in the first place. As a result, there is a greater chance for more sign-ups and a lower risk of people unsubscribing.

With Titan's help, you can build a high-quality email list fast and long-lasting client relationships with highly-engaged contents. Are you ready to see your business grow?!

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$50 (up to 12,000 emails)

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